2023 Wedding Color Trends

This is a shoutout to all 2023 couples getting engaged and looking forward to their dream wedding! Do you know the one thing that your entire wedding will be based around? Color! In fact, the colors of a wedding define the entire event. The color theme is often reflected in every detail, flower, and accent. From the flowers in your bouquet and table decor, to the color of your bridesmaid dresses; your wedding colors define the look and style of the most important day of your life. 2022 and 2023 wedding color trends include everything from delicate sea-glass to dramatic jewel tones for breathtaking wedding decor.

Colors being favored by couples this year are a beautiful mixture of natural, dusty, and dramatic tones. In fact, green in muted shades is topping the charts. Dusty rose and champagne bring a softer feeling to weddings this year. A flare for the dramatic has jewel tones, dark wood accents, and black trimmed weddings rising in popularity.

Here are the top wedding color trends for your 2023 wedding!

Green in all the hues

We’re seeing a beautiful trend toward gently green-shaded weddings this year. In fact, green is the leading color of 2022 in its many muted shades. Leading the pack are hunter green, olive green, and lighter greens such as sea glass. Among the top designs are weddings featuring moss green with dark, moody accents as well as lighter greens like sea glass paired with neutral colors.

Neutrals will always be in style

Neutral colors will always be a wedding favorite due it’s versatility to combine with other colors and it’s timeless feel. When paired with other muted colors, neutrals allow you to break the mold of whatever season you are getting married in. Whites and creams top the list, but we’ve seen a large trend of soft grays and blacks in this year’s weddings as well.

Monochromatic tones

Various combinations of monochromatic tones are all the rage for upcoming weddings! Blush pink, dusty rose, and champagne is a great example of current and upcoming monochromatic combinations. These lovely soft-themed shades combine a gentle faded quality with normally vivid colors. Blush pink is always elegant and timeless and this year is being combined with champagne and other muted colors to create a soft monochrome-esque palette for a classic glowing wedding look.

Vivid jewel toned colors with dark finishes

In the opposite direction from the light pinks is the trend for vivid jewel-tone weddings. Emerald, sapphire, ruby, and turquoise top the list of favorite jeweled wedding colors. Combining these with dark wood finishes or accents is an easy way to give your wedding a luscious, elegant vibe. Your guests will step into a dramatic high-contrast and richly-hued visual delight of colors.

Warm terracotta

In the warmer tones, this will be a great year for a terracotta wedding. The incredible hues of orange, red, brick, and brown make for a vivid and joyful wedding color choice. Your bridesmaids will look stunning in a terracotta and mustard palette and your table centerpieces will boast an elegant, earthy feel. If you’re planning a wedding bursting with warmth and happiness, the warm tones of terracotta will help to create the event you’ve always wanted.

Photo by Emma Quinn and Green Wedding Shoes

Metallic wedding color trends

Some couples are going without official colors in the palette and choosing a metallic theme instead. from invitations to the table decor, mixed metals become the theme of the evening – and everything gleams. The mixed metal design has been gaining popularity in the last year and makes for a beautiful wedding theme instead of traditional colors.

Photo by Anna Delores

What will your wedding look like?

We love all of the unique ideas and gorgeous details of each and every wedding we photograph. If you need help we know vendors galore in the metro Detroit and all over Michigan and would be happy to share our favorite wedding planners, florists, event design and rentals, etc. Just reach out and say hello! Happy wedding planning!

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