At home | Michigan Lifestyle Family Photos

Wondering if a home lifestyle family session is for you? Say YES if you…

  • …love your home. That doesn’t mean it has to be new, spotless, or professionally decorated! That just means you love the space you spend every day with your family. We just need small pockets of light and locations and EVERY home has that 🙂
  • …love the idea of showcasing your family doing things that feel most comfortable to you…snuggling, reading, playing games, cooking, or just hanging out.
  • …know your kiddos will be more comfortable for the camera playing, smiling, and laughing in a space that’s safe and comfortable for them.
  • …want indoor and outdoor photos. We often start shooting in the home, and then head outdoors to the backyard, front yard, sidewalks in a neighborhood, or even a park that’s walking distance. Two looks for the price of one!
  • …want to do a family photo session when life and schedules aren’t so crazy. Family schedules tend to be nuts in the late spring, summer, and fall, so winter is the perfect time to schedule a home family session.

Say NO if you…

  • …have a very specific nature or architectural location in mind for your family photos.
  • …want your photos to have more of a “editorial-high-fashion” vibe. Typically, home family lifestyle sessions tend to be more chill, cozy, and “real life.” HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean you couldn’t get a few fancy shots in your favorite couture outfits, and then change into a second outfit for the rest of your session.

Reach out to us at if you’re interested in scheduling a home family session! Our 2024 calendar is NOW OPEN!

Photographed by Christine.