Should you do an engagement session?

You’ve booked your venue, your photographer, and now your working on all of the other details for your big day. Somewhere in between all of those details and your wedding day, you need to decide…engagement session or no engagement session? Obviously as photographers we’ll always say yes to more photos, but in this situation we say an absolute YES and here’s why!

  1. This is an amazing time for you to meet and connect with your photographer. You’ll get used to working together so when your wedding day arrives, you’ll already be comfortable with each other and your photographer will know what to expect when working with you!
  2. Couples love engagement sessions because it allows them to showcase their personalities and/or get photographed in locations you love or that are personal to them. For example, maybe you love Tigers Games at Comerica Park (bring in the jerseys and a session in downtown Detroit). Or maybe you you are homebodies who love to cook (let’s photograph at your home cooking, snuggling, etc). Or maybe you’re nature lovers (we’ll head to a gorgeous spot such as a lake and maybe bring some picnic items). The list could go on and on. You do YOU!
  3. This will probably be the last time in your lives that you’ll have photos of just the two of you. After your engagement session day, your professional photos will consist of your wedding day (with you surrounded by all of your loved ones), babies, family photos, etc.

If you are thinking about an engagement session, hit us up! We have tons of location ideas and would love to work with you! Reach out at!