Six Popular Wedding Decor Trends for 2023

If you’re planning a wedding for 2023, no doubt you’re on the hunt for some incredible reception and decor inspiration. Every couple wants their wedding décor to have a unique personal touch. You want decoration that reflects your personality and welcomes your guests to a gorgeous setting and party. Some are planning weddings in popular indoor venues while others are taking their celebrations to more intimate settings outdoors. By taking a look at wedding décor trends for this and next year, you can envision how you want your own wedding décor to look to your guests and in photographs.

Green continues to be “IN” in every possible way. Living plants on the tables, cakes with real vines, eco-friendly planning, and green-painted signs have all hit the top of the charts. Let’s dive into the hottest wedding décor trends!

Living Greenery Décorations

Plants, plants, and more living green plants. Couples are going mad for living greenery. Hanging planters dripping with vines, centerpieces that crawl and bloom over the tables, and cakes draped with fresh-cut greenery are all hot. Weddings are going outdoors to the mountains and forests, indoors to the greenhouse conservatories, or completely creating their own green haven in the venue of their choice

Many couples are opting for green weddings with potted instead of cut flowers, a natural surrounding, and fresh cuttings sent home with every guest. Silk flowers and vines are also a classy and reusable alternative.

Metallic Wedding Themes

On the flip side of the green trend is the embracing of metal finishes. This has been a big year for mixed metals and the elegance of multi-toned metallic finishes. Host a gleaming wedding with copper, bronze, gold, and silver instead of typical wedding colors. Let your metallics literally reflect your personality, creating a neutral palette that is anything but demure. Metallic wedding themes are elegant, cheerful, and are perfectly accented with pendant sculpture lights.

Photo by Anna Delores

Artisan Wedding Arches

Where will you say your vows? Brides are choosing unique and beautiful wedding arches for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies. Wedding arches can be decorated and transported to any venue, so they make the perfect signature piece for your entire wedding decoration style. Today, you can commission a custom wedding arch in any style or vision you can imagine. Drape it with flowers or twist it into an infinity swirl; bespoke and artisan wedding arches are a great way to create a unique and beautiful setting for a couple’s “I do’s.”

Intimate Weddings in Surprising Places

One interesting décor choice being made this year is where weddings are being held. With guest lists shrinking for small gatherings, smaller venues become possible. Places that rarely host weddings are now becoming incredible backdrops for intimately small celebrations. Historic churches, mountain cottages, and specialty restaurants are all getting more attention and allow for unique, personal touches on decor.

Recreating Space With Light

String lights have come so far in the last five years that it’s no surprise wedding couples are diving into lighting design. You can have lantern strings, LED strips, glowing bulbs, and solar-powered tents with the gadgets available today. Battery power is better than ever, making evening and outdoor events easy to light. Smart lights even make it possible to gently shift the mood of your entire gathering by changing the colors and dimming your wedding lights.

Criss-crossing ceilings and pathways are currently the top Décoration style but with smart LEDs, the sky’s the limit.

Throwing Rules Out the Window

Last but not least, couples today are embracing the freedom of change and throwing old rulebooks out the window. Your wedding can be decorated in any theme that is joyful and meaningful to you. Whether you want living plants or sugar skulls, your wedding is anything you want it to be – and we’re seeing this as a strong trend in couples across the nation planning dramatically nontraditional weddings in whatever style feels best to them.

Just do you

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